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          GOST 8732 Seamless hot-deformed steel pipes-Range of sizes.

          GOST 8732-78 Seamless hot-deformed steel tubes. Range.

          The present standard is spreaded on seamless hot-deformed steel tubes of common purposes made on external diameter, wall thickness and length.
          Sizes and linear density of tubes should correspond specified in the table 1.
          Tubes should be produced with following length:
          – unmeasuring length – in limits from 4 up to 12,5 m;
          – measuring length – within the limits of unmeasuring;
          – multiple length, within the limits of unmeasuring length with rough tolerance on each machine cut till 5 mm.
          The notices:
          1. Under an agreement of a manufacturer with a customer is enabled to produce tubes with length,
          out of limits specified for tubes of unmeasuring length.
          2. For tubes with wall thickness more than 16 mm length of measuring tubes is determinated by an
          agreement of a manufacturer with a customer.

          Limiting length deviations of tubes for measuring length and length, multiple measuring, should not
          exceed: + 10 mm – with length up to 6m; + 15 mm – with length more than 6 m or with external
          diameter more than 152 mm.
          Limit deviations of external diameter and wall thickness of tubes should not exceed specified in
          table 2 and table 3.

          Research use only,Commercial use is prohibited.

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