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          ASME B16.28 SCH40 3inch Carbon Steel Cap

          ASME B16.28 cap is the pipe fittings designed to be the ends of a piping.The ASME B16.28 cap is used to block off the end of a piping system by placing the cap over the open pipe.The pipe end caps are available in various shapes, like the hemispherical, oval, round etc .

          In addition to ASME B16.28 cap,ASME B16.28 butt weld pipe fittings products also include:ASME B16.28 elbow,ASME B16.28 tee,ASME B16.28 reducer,etc.

          ASME B16.28 SCH40 3inch Carbon Steel Cap

          ASME B16.28 Cap Schedule:

          We produce the ASME B16.28 cap schedule are:SCH20,SCH30,STD,SCH40,SCH60,XS,SCH80,SCH100,etc.

          ASME B16.28 Cap Size:

          The size of the ASME B16.28 cap is:DN15-DN900.ASME B16.28 usually use the size is 3inch.

          ASME B16.28 Cap Material:

          we can manufacture ASME B16.28 cap of main material are:

          Carbon steel,Stainless steel,Alloy steel:ASTM A105,A182 F5,F9,F11,F12,F22,A234 WPB,WP5,WP9,WP11,WP12,WP22,WP91,A403 WP304L,WP316L,WP321,ASTM S420 WPL6,ASTM A860 WPHY42,WPHY52,WPHY60,WPHY65,WPHY70,JIS G3454,BS EN10253,S235,S355,DIN ST37,ST52,GOST CT20.

          Hebei Haihao as a professional cap manufacturers have more than 30 years of experience.We specializing in producing ASME B16.28 cap. We have our own team andadvanced technology to produce.If you have any requirements about ASME B16.28 cap and other products,welcome to contact us.

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